By Megan McLaughlin, Way to Grow

Think Small Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Marie Huey, speaks to parents during a  training session at Joyce Preschool in Minneapolis.

Several organizations that serve children and families recently worked together to provide trainings for Minneapolis parents. As part of a grant from Minnesota Comeback, Way to Grow is partnering with other organizations, including Think Small, to engage parents in advocacy opportunities.

Another parent training session was held at Center for Families.

The “My Voice Matters” advocacy trainings covered skills and strategies that parents of young children can use to enhance their ability to advocate. Parents from Way to Grow and Joyce Preschool attended the trainings, which were simultaneously translated into Somali, Spanish, and Hmong.

May Losloso, Children’s Defense Fund-Minnesota, leads a training session.

The training addressed power, sharing stories as advocacy, basic legislative process, and advocacy tools and resources. Attendees participated in interactive learning activities and had opportunities to share their own knowledge and experiences. Marie Huey, Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at Think Small, and May Losloso, Senior Organizer at Children’s Defense Fund – Minnesota, developed and led the trainings.

About 80 parents attended the trainings, and overall feedback was positive. Participants were very engaged, and many expressed interest in additional opportunities to learn more. Thank you to all who participated.

Megan McLaughlin is a Program Director at Way to Grow.