Access to technology is important to those working in the early childhood field. Laptops and tablets help small business owners, like child care providers, improve their skills, grow their business, and communicate with parents easily. But often times, the cost of new devices can be prohibitive for the early childhood educator on a tight budget.

Chromebook Deliveries

Family child care provider, Clementina Lusane, with her new Chromebook.

That’s why Think Small decided to use available grant money to help get needed technology in the hands of child care providers and families in Hennepin County. 

“We had some funds from our contract with Hennepin County that we were able to redistribute to cover technology purchases,” said Candace Yates, Director of Equity and Quality Supports at Think Small.  “The contract supports professional development training and Parent Aware recruitment in Hennepin County.”

Watch this short video and come along on one of our lap top deliveries in Hennepin County.

Think Small purchased ten computers which were given to child care providers in Hennepin County.  The Quality Coaches working with the providers determined which ones were in need of new or updated laptops in order to access their professional development training online.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to do this,” said Yates. “It’s important to note that providers who are participating in Parent Aware can also purchase technology with the Building Quality or Parent Aware grants.”

Children and Child Care Providers Benefit from iPad Purchase

Young children in the Minneapolis area will also benefit from access to new technology.

“It is so important for young children to have technology during a pandemic,” said Dianne Haulcy, Senior Vice President of Family Engagement at Think Small. “There are so many families that have older children doing distant learning and parents working remotely. Many young children also have some sort of hybrid learning experience and need a device to use.”

Think Small was approached by Northside Achievement Zone with a special opportunity for the families receiving a NAZ early learning scholarship. Through funds NAZ received from the Audacious Project with Harlem Children’s Zone, Think Small was able to provide iPads to 52 children who are NAZ scholars, while 46 tablets are earmarked for licensed family child care providers in the area.

Krystal Hall is the founder and owner of Home Away from Home Child Care in North Minneapolis. She was so grateful to receive a new iPad for herself and the children she cares for in her family child care program.

“Our new device from Think Small will help aid and identify the learning style of each child,” said Hall.” This iPad will help expand the minds of all kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners. “