Summer Spark is the Saint Paul Public Library’s summer reading and learning program, open to kids ages 0-18. Families and individuals are welcome to join, and we also love working with groups – summer school classes, family child care programs, care centers, and camps! Our goal is to get kids reading for fun and feeling excited about stories and books.

Each Summer Spark participant uses a reading and activity log to track their reading and complete simple activities. Groups can participate together using a large, printable log – keep track of the reading and activities you do together, and each time you complete one mark off the log. All readers get a free book to take home and keep when they start the program, and another halfway through (yes, this means each child in your group!). After completing their reading and activity log, readers are invited to come to a special Summer Reader Celebration on Saturday, August 20.

Summer Spark runs from June 1 – August 31, and participants can start anytime! Pick up individual or group reading logs at any Saint Paul Public Library location, or print the group log using the download link on our website. For the most up-to-date information, visit our website: Summer Spark | Saint Paul Public Library ( If you want to know more about the library location closest to you, take a look at our website location map.

By Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser
Youth and Family Services Manager at Saint Paul Public Library