This is the second in a series of videos showing the impact high-quality early learning has on children, families and child care providers across Minnesota. Check back here for a new video every week in January.

Chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about Early Learning Scholarships, but I’m guessing you’ve never heard from a family impacted by one. That may be because only 12% of children from eligible families for scholarships receive one.

Bobbi Ordez has one such family. Bobbi is a mother of three. She tried to do her best for her kids and enrolled her oldest in a high-quality early learning program. It wasn’t long until Bobbi and her husband could no longer afford the program. They didn’t know what to do, but they definitely didn’t want to take their daughter out of the program. She was thriving. Luckily, they received an Early Learning Scholarship before it was too late.

Minnesota must do better to reach children from low-income families, who need access to the best early learning opportunities the most. Early Learning Scholarships strengthen families and help children who need it the most by giving them the opportunity to attend a high-quality early learning program.