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Ready to Roll: Trauma-Informed Emergency Preparedness

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Course Length

4 hours

Delivery Method

Asynchronous eLearning


On-Demand eLearning

Course Summary

Effectively implement trauma-informed emergency preparedness plans by learning to prevent, plan for, and/or respond to existing risks and emergent hazards that may negatively impact staff, children, and families. This course recognizes the importance of preparing for emergencies through a trauma-informed lens so programs are equipped to respond to the emotional needs of those who may have experienced trauma. 

This 4-hour course details different types of emergencies and disasters and explores how different responses are necessary to reduce the impact of trauma on adults and children. During the self-paced online course, participants will be guided through developing a comprehensive emergency plan. 

CEU Credits

Not Eligible

CDA Competency Area
  • Content Area I: Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
  • Content Area II: Steps to advance children’s physical and intellectual development
MN KCF Content Area
  • IX: Trauma Informed Care
  • VII.B: Ensuring Safety

2 (Intermediate)

State Approval
  • MN