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Creating and Maintaining Safe School-Age Environments


Course Length

2 hours

Delivery Method

Asynchronous eLearning


On-Demand eLearning

Course Summary

Keeping school-age children safe during out-of-school hours is a top priority for school-age programs. This requires giving careful attention to setting up the program environment in a way that promotes safety, and using effective strategies for monitoring and maintaining a safe environment.

Because school-age children are growing towards independence, it is also important for staff to help them develop habits and behaviors that will keep them safe from harm as they participate in program experiences. Promoting and protecting children’s safety is one of the major responsibilities of staff in school-age programs.

CEU Credits

.2 CEUs

CDA Competency Area
  • Content Area I: Planning a safe and healthy learning environment
MN KCF Content Area
  • VII.A: Establishing Healthy Practices

1 (Beginner)

State Approval
  • MN