Fifteen years ago, families in White Earth, Minnesota didn’t have access to early learning programs. Families were lucky to get a spot in a Head Start program, one of the only options in the community.

Now, thanks to years of hard work and dedicated funding, children and families not only have access to high-quality early care and education programs, they can afford them as well.

The impact on the community as a result to this work is immense. Not only are children ready for kindergarten- helping lower the likelihood they will fall behind later, but families are able to work more consistently and build a  strong foundation for their families. More access to early learning scholarships beginning at birth has meant more stability for families and the community.

White Earth was designated as a Transformation Zone years ago, meaning they received funds to start children on Early Learning Scholarships starting at birth. This allows families to afford high-quality care for multiple years before kindergarten. It also has allowed more programs to open and increase their quality to meet the increased demand for early care programs.

White Earth has built a landscape that serves families and the community. Their success is an excellent example of what is possible for communities across Minnesota, and it’s an example of what is possible in the future for children and families.