Surprised baby.

We’ve moved up a few diaper sizes, mastered crawling, and are transitioning to solid foods and walking. This month marks one year since the start of the Think Small blog. To celebrate, throughout January we will explore topics around kids the same age as our blog. Bring on the babbling, tantrums, and thumb-sucking. We’re taking a closer look at infants and toddlers.

We’ve heard a lot of talk about the importance of pre-kindergarten in preparing children to succeed at school. But learning begins way before age four, and the achievement gaps between Caucasian children and children of color can develop long before preschool. That means a good start for children from birth to age three is crucial for success later on. Think Small works to prevent these gaps from forming by supporting parents and caregivers to give children what they need to thrive from birth.

What does support of infants and toddlers look like? Babies can’t read, write, or even talk, but their brains are developing rapidly. We’ll look at strategies caregivers can use to promote healthy growth. We’ll also highlight some Minnesota initiatives working to support our littlest learners.

Think Small is part of  a dedicated and hard-working Minnesota early learning community, and this month will be a glimpse into what’s happening in playpens and cribs statewide. Throughout January, come back to the blog for more information and perspectives on infants and toddlers in Minnesota. No spit-up involved.