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The Purpose for Ethical Commitment

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Course Length

2 hours

Delivery Method

Asynchronous eLearning


On-Demand eLearning

Course Summary

Each individual who works in the field of early childhood care and education has responsibilities and moral obligations toward children, families, colleagues, and the community. Learn how the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct can be applied to work with young children and their families and how it provides a common framework for the moral, ethical commitments of educators.

CEU Credits

.2 CEUs

CDA Competency Area
  • Content Area VI: Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
MN KCF Content Area
  • VI: Professionalism

1 (Beginner)

State Approval

This course is designed to be part of a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialâ„¢ curriculum. It covers CDA Subject Area 6: Maintaining a Commitment to Professionalism.

This course can also be taken as a stand-alone learning event or as part of a broader early childhood education curriculum.