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All Aboard! Get On The Right Track With An Effective Onboarding Process

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Course Length

2 hours

Delivery Method

Asynchronous eLearning


On-Demand eLearning

Course Summary

In this exclusive Think Small Institute eLearning, delve into the heart of workplace culture, empowering you to identify areas ripe for enhancement to foster a collaborative and goal-oriented environment. Navigate through the intricacies of onboarding with finesse as we explore strategies to engage your current team members in the process, leveraging their expertise to enrich the journey for newcomers. Learn to seamlessly integrate key licensing regulations into your onboarding protocol, ensuring compliance without compromise. Chart a course towards an effective onboarding process that not only welcomes new educators aboard but also propels your entire team towards greater synergy and fulfillment.

CEU Credits

.2 CEUs

CDA Competency Area
  • Content Area VI: Maintaining a commitment to professionalism
MN KCF Content Area
  • VI: Professionalism

2 (Intermediate)

State Approval
  • MN

In this course, learners will:

  • Explain the mission, purpose, and standards of the program to colleagues, families, and others.
  • Develop policies and explain issues related to establishing professional relationships with families and coworkers.
  • Prioritize ongoing professional development activities for self and others and align these with practices.