Public Policy

Public Policy Priorities

The single best investment the state can make is targeted early childhood investments in our most vulnerable children.  Read Think Small’s policy priorities for the 2021 legislative session.

Minnesota Business for Early Learning

Minnesota Business for Early Learning is a roundtable of Minnesota business leaders advocating for Early Learning Scholarships for Minnesota’s 31,000 low-income children who can’t access high quality early learning programs.

Early Care and Education Crisis Work Group

A group of experts working to address Minnesota’s worst-in-the-nation achievement gap and the child care shortage. Includes a report with constructive fixes.

Take Action

Learn how you can be an early learning advocate.  Get our action alerts, join our advocacy list, attend Policy Hour or find your elected officials.

Action Alerts

Your voice matters. Take a moment to welcome back your legislator and let them know why you care about investing in young children. Send the message as it is, or take a moment to personalize it.

Todd Otis Public Policy Internship

A unique opportunity to learn about early learning policy and advocacy.