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Child Care Calculator

This calculator estimates what you would pay for child care if the Minnesota Legislature invested the resources necessary to meet its child care affordability goal. Under the plan, families would pay between 0% and 7% of their income toward care depending on what they earn in a year.

Annual family income includes the amount of money, before taxes and deductions, you and a spouse who lives with you make from work, plus any additional income you report on your taxes. If you are self-employed, use net income. You can also enter your gross income from the past tax year.
Family size includes the tax filer for the family and spouse if legally married along with dependent children claimed on your income taxes.
$ / year
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This calculator is designed to assist policymakers, child care providers, families, and the general public in estimating family cost under the system being proposed for adoption. These estimates do not reflect official government policy and do not guarantee any benefit.


Here’s what this is all about

In Minnesota, a median family with an infant pays 20% of their income for child care. Families that earn less or have multiple children under age five pay even more. That’s unaffordable!

Earlier this year, the Minnesota Legislature passed a law setting a goal that no family would ever have to pay more than 7% of their yearly income for child care, no matter how many young kids they have in care. And many families would pay less than 7%. Under this approach, public investment would be the bridge between what families are expected to pay and what providers need to offer quality programs.

Want to learn more?  Click here if you’re a parent and here if you’re a provider.