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At home with your young children? Now is the perfect time to try our free Think Small ParentPowered Texts. You’ll receive three text messages a week offering fun facts and at-home learning activities, plus you’ll find additional support messages focused on COVID-19 topics for children.

Help prepare children for success in kindergarten

Children learn and develop quickly before age five. 90% of brain development happens during these crucial early years, and we want to help families take advantage of this important time.

Receive fun facts, and easy tips each week with ideas on how you can promote your child’s learning. Research shows when parents participate in this program their children are more prepared for kindergarten.

There is no cost for Think Small ParentPowered Texts. Carrier data and message rates may apply.

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To learn how educators and caregivers can sign up families in their care, click here.

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  • All children must be 5 years of age or younger.
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  • FAQ

    • What does this program cost? There is no charge for this texting program. Standard text messaging and data rates may apply from your mobile carrier.
    • Why do you need my child’s birthdate? All messages are tailored to your child’s age, ensuring all messages are in line with their development stage.
    • When will I receive the texts? You will receive 3 messages per week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here’s an example of one week’s worth of messages.
      1. Monday - FACT: Preschool is when many children begin learning how to write letters. Kids can get ready for this big step by making letters with everyday objects.
      2. Wednesday - TIP: During snack time, have a letter building party. Can your child make a T, X, L & N out of snacks like cheerios or grapes? What about curvy letters like S?
      3. Friday - GROWTH: Keep making letters to prepare your child for kindergarten! Before dinner, try using toothpicks, tinfoil or straws to make all of the letters in your child’s name.
    • What version of Spanish are the texts in? We use Mexican Spanish for our texts.
    • Can I sign up more than one child with the same phone number? Yes! If you have more than one child who is under five {the cutoff is the day before their sixth birthday}, you can enroll all of them. You can text TS, TS ESP, TS SOM or DAK to 70138, and enter a new birthdate each time you are prompted.
    • Want to help promote Think Small ParentPowered Texts? Here’s a flyer that can be displayed on a bulletin board or handed out to parents.
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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: By signing up for Think Small ParentPowered Texts (the “Program”), you agree to (ii) the Parent Powered PBC Terms of Use available at and Privacy Policy available at, and (iii) receive approximately three Think Small ParentPowered Texts text messages per week from 70138. By signing up, you confirm that you want Parent Powered to send you information we think may be of interest to you, which involves Parent Powered using automated dialing technology to text you at the cell phone
number you provided. While there is absolutely no cost for enrolling, data & message rates may apply. You can cancel your receipt of Think Small ParentPowered Texts text messages any time by texting STOP to 70138. For help with Think Small ParentPowered Texts text HELP to 70138 or email us at

Educators and caregivers who want to learn how to sign up multiple families of children in their care.

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