b'Covid-19 ResponseA Child Care Provider Story:Emergency Supplies Make a Di\x1ferenceImmediately after therst cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota, family child care provider Debbie Gunderson put new safety and cleaning procedures into place. She and her husband did everything they could to keep their Brooklyn Park child care program open for those who needed them, even though many families chose to keep their children home.The sudden changes put a strain on ournancial situation, but the most important thing to me was everybodys health, Gunderson said.Another negative effect of the pandemic, Gunderson had trouble accessing common cleaning supplies.These were things that I could not get anywhere in the stores, she said. These were items that I purchased regularly prior to COVID-19 and it was so frustrating not to be able tond them.Gunderson is grateful that she and other child care providers in the state, were able to get these hard-to- nd items during Think Smalls Emergency Supplies Distribution events.When Think Small began their supplies distribution they were the only place that Getting Supplies in the Handswas offering a way to help, Gunderson added. It made me feel better of Child Care Providers that that someone actually cared.Children in Debbie Gundersons child care program put their creative skills to use and decorated their own masks.DebbieGunderson'