b'making great stridesDear Friends and Colleagues:It has been a challenging yet rewarding year for Think Small. The pages that follow contain many examples of Think Smalls continued commitment to make a positive impact on children, their families and the communities they live in during this tumultuous year. To keep our commitment to our mission and community, we are strategically evolving to reach new heights of excellence in early childhood education and overcoming barriers that prevent children from accessing quality child care.We believe a deep sense of commitment lies at the center of each of the many achievements highlighted in this report. Commitment to creating the very best resource for child care providers, for instance, by providing hundreds of emergency grants and supplies during COVID-19. Commitment to supporting the response to racial injustice in our community though our outreach and encouraging conversations within our team. Commitment to supporting families with resources and guides for accessing child care and providing scholarships to support children in our community. And our continued commitment to creating change in early childhood education through advocacy.Standing togetherunited by a deep sense of commitmentwe are expanding the boundaries of how we do our work to ensure every child is ready for kindergarten. We remain deeply honored to serve as leaders of this special organization. We are deeply grateful to the Think Small team as we continue to support child care providers, families, and children in our community.BARBARA YATES ROBBIN JOHNSON President and Chief Executive Of cer Chairman of the Board'