b'Empowering Child Care ProvidersA Child Care Provider Story:Learning to SucceedWhen Carey Dailey jumped back into family child care afterve and a half year absence, she had A LOT of self-doubt and a huge lack of con dence. But Dailey says her training from Think Small and the Child Care Business Learning Community changed all of that.My con dence, my drive, my passion all were instantly reignited, she said describing her time in the learning cohort. Dailey had been a family child care provider for 14 years so she admitted she started out thinking she wouldnt take away much from the program. I was so very wrong, she said.Dailey learned about new rules and policies that had taken effect since she left theeld. She learned how to obtain help withnancing projects and quality improvements. She discovered more about Parent Aware and identi ed resources available to help the families and children she would serve. Also, she learned a lot about marketing her child care business and created a new website.I was refreshed on what it takes to run a successful business and was inspired to think positively,nd my own self-worth, and value. BARBARA YATESPRESIDENT AND CEO, THINK SMALLDailey open her new family child care program in her White Bear Lake home about a year and a half ago. She started Dailey Discoveries with six enrolled children all from social media inquiries from her Facebook page and website. Since then, she has added children and renovated her space.Think Small provided invaluable training and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to start a family child care or center, she said. The staff at Think Small truly wanted each and every one of us in the program to succeed.2 0 2 0 R E P O R T T O T H E C O M M U N I T Y'