b'w.ThinkSmaEmbracing Equity WithinUnder the leadership of Candace Yates, Strategic Leader of Equity and Quality Supports, Think Small continues to make BIG moves in our commitment to equity. Throughout 2021, Think Small sta\x1eengaged in a variety of activities that deepened our understanding of one another and strengthened our collective commitment to advancing equity in early childhood, supporting a culture of trust, inclusion, and respect for all sta\x1e , clients, customers, and partners. One of our fi rst priorities this year was to undergo an organization-wide equity survey. The organization, Embracing Equity evaluated our current state across three areas: personal and professional development, organizational culture and climate, and organizational systems and structures. Based on the \x1f ndings, Embracing Equity recommended speci\x1f c improvements for each area. Think Small staat all levels of the organization furthered their individual critical awareness around diversity, equity, and inclusion by participating in monthly Leadership Learning Community meetings. Sta\x1ealso explored their own racial and ethnic identities while developing and expanding their anti-racist mindsets and practices.Senior leadership members spent a portion of the year exploring their role in creating an equitable work environment to broaden their understanding of the role they play in fostering equity within the organization. They created action plans, which along with the learnings from our equity survey, have positioned us to create meaningful change within Think Small in 2022.Think Small also held monthly virtual conversations about identity, race, and privilege, recognizing our shared humanity, \x1f nding strength and healing amid the events in our communities, and embracing and honoring our di\x1e erences. As we look to the year ahead, we are excited to continue to provide intentional space for staleaders to engage in meaningful conversations, activities, and learning. We look forward to revisiting the equity audit process and assessing the impact of our work in the past year while working to accomplish the goals we have established. We recognize that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment is an ongoing process, requiring commitment at all levels of leadership. Think Small launchesThink Small introduces Think Small ParentPowered TextsSmall Talks, an on-going Build Your Own which o ers begins delivering timely, speaker series bringingfree individualized assistance useful early learning and care tipstogether experts connected toin the start-up or expansion for caregivers to support childrensearly childhood education toof licensed family child kindergarten readiness indiscuss topics challenging care programs or child Minnesota and beyond. the fi eld today.care centers.2016 2016 2017 2018 2018October 13, 2016 Think Small is awarded theResults from the Pathways to Quality program, started inis declared Think Small Day Community Leader Award by Close Gaps by 52015, fi nd the percentage of licensed family child care in Minnesota byfor our continuous work to supportproviders in Minneapolis and St. Paul with three- and Governor Dayton in honorMinnesotas smallest and mostfour-star Parent Aware ratings rose from 9% to 23% in three of our 45th anniversary. vulnerable children. years, compared to statewide growth of only 3% to 7%.'