b'Preparing Providers at the Think Small Institute This year launched the Think Small Institute for early childhood professionals, o ering professional development opportunities in both live-virtual trainings and self-paced eLearning formats. Prioritizing equity and diversity-informed practice, the Think Small Institute provides personalized services to empower child care providers to help children be ready to succeed in kindergarten. In the spring alone, we held more than 50 instructor-led, live-virtual trainings, with more than 600 participants.www.ThinkSmallInstitute.orgTalking about Race, Racism, Equity and Fairness in Early ChildhoodThe Early Risers podcast began in April 2021. Hosted by Dianne Haulcy, Think Smalls Senior Vice President for Family Engagement, Early Risers is a podcast from Little Moments Count andMinnesota Public Radio with conversations about challenging topics, engaging stories and real how-tos for anyone who cares about raising children with a clear- eyed understanding of cultural di\x1e erences, race and implicit bias. Diannes guests have included authors, a neuroscientist, and many leaders from the community. Listen to Early Risers with Dianne Haulcy at www.mpr.org/collections/early-risers.Redleaf Press Making it Better: Activities for Children Living in a Stressful World is used to train local child care providers and educators in Syria to help children living in the midst of the civil war.2015 2015 2016The Bush Foundation awards Think Small andThink Small tests a Parent Aware fi nancial Generation Next $3 million to create and pilot Pathways to Quality.incentive and fi nds that participants who This program focused on increasing the number of Parent Awarereceived just $1,000 were 33% less likely to go rated family child care programs by providing them a menuout of business. As a result, the state increases of services and professional development opportunitiesits fi nancial incentives rates.to help improve program quality.'