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To advance quality care and education of children in their crucial early years.

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Apply for an Early Learning Scholarship

Scholarships are being awarded with start dates between July 2016–June 2017

Questions? 651-641-6604


Apply from July 2016–June 2017 using any of the applications posted below

Click below to download an application and instructions

English current application

English current application instructions

Hmong application

Hmong application instructions

Spanish application

Spanish application instructions

Somali application

Somali application instructions



Who is eligible to apply?

Requirements for each family:

  • Children who are 3 or 4 on September 1, 2016 (younger siblings are also considered when they attend the same program as the 3 or 4 year old) 

      OR the younger child of a parent under 21 seeking a GED or high school diploma

  • Resident of  Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties
  • An annual gross income at or below 185%  of the Federal Poverty Guideline

   Family Size

   Gross Income


















            For family units of more than 9, add $7,696 for each additional member.


Questions about the new year of scholarships?

When the information is made available, we will also post here the new scholarship requirements and applications for the July 2017–June 2018 scholarship season. 


Tips for submitting an application

  • Complete all required areas of the scholarship application. The sections marked with an asterisk (*) are required. All other information is optional.
  • INCLUDE the supporting income documents necessary to prove your family’s income eligibility.  The application will be denied if the necessary income documentation (listed on page 3) is missing.
  • Initial all required statements, sign, and date the scholarship application.
  • Mail or bring the completed application with your original ink and attached income documents to Think Small
  • We deny any faxed, emailed, or photocopied applications.


Contact Information

For questions about scholarships or eligibility, please call 651-641-6604 or toll-free 1-855-898-4465 to talk with the scholarship team.

For scholarship information available in other languages, call 651-665-0150 or 1-866-807-6021

Yog nyob hauv ob lub nroog ntxaib:   651-665-0150

En el área metropolitana, Ilame al:    651-665-0150

Magaalada gudahed wac:    651-665-0150


Common Questions about Early Learning Scholarships

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