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Step 4: Make a Decision

Choosing child care is a very personal and important decision for your family.  Although some nervousness is normal, overall your choice should feel right.  Trust your instincts—it’s okay to be a choosy parent!

Final Things to Review

Does the child care setting provide

  • a clean and safe environment, both indoors and out
  • nutritious snacks and meals
  • fun, educational toys and activities
  • opportunities to run and be active

Does the early care and education professional(s)

  • appear patient and caring, and respond quickly to a child in need
  • understand children and their behavior at various ages/stages of development
  • spend a lot of time talking and listening to each child

Will your child

  • get enough attention
  • be introduced to new ideas and experiences
  • be a good fit with the program’s other children
  • respond well to the setting and routine; will they match what your child likes and needs

Consider your feelings; do you

  • feel welcome and respected
  • agree with the program’s discipline or guidance methods and business policies
  • feel you could easily communicate with the program about your child and any child care concern


  • Overall, does the progam have a good report from parent references and child care licensing

Secure Your Child Care Spot

  • Contact the program you have chosen to let her know you want to enroll your child.
  • Deliver the deposit (if needed), and sign a contract to be sure the spot is yours. (See Step 5: Make Care Work.)
  • If you are receiving child care assistance, let your caseworker know about your child care plans.