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Step 1: Explore Your Child Care Options

There are many types of child care options available to families.

You can find licensed and unlicensed child care programs, and family child care programs caring for a few children to child care centers serving hundreds of children. Good experiences for children can be found in all types of care, but to find the best for your child and situation you will want to look at several places.

Some families find information through an ad, the internet, or a recommendation from a friend or family member.  This may seem like an easy way to find a program, but some places may not have a license (this can mean no background check), and some places may not be a long-term option or focused on what children need.

One of the simpliest ways to find a free and complete list of child care options is to contact us. Look under Search Options or call Child Care Aware at 1-888-291-9811.