Find Daycares in Minnesota

Think Small is a trusted resource for child care information. We have over thirty years of experience helping families search for care and early childhood education. If you are unsure where to start, visit Tools and Tips for Selecting Care to see our recommended process. We understand the many steps it takes to make an informed choice and to feel comfortable with your decision. As a result, you will find a detailed how-to list already created, so that you can concentrate on finding the best care for your child. If you are ready to find quality daycares in Minnesota, below is a list of licensed family child care providers and a link to their website.


Licensed Family Child Care Providers

Rakia Family Daycare in South Minneapolis


Important to Know

  • Think Small does not license, endorse, inspect, or recommend any early childhood program.
  • A licensed child care program has met minimal standards. A license does not guarantee high-quality care.
  • The information about each program is self-reported, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

If you are looking for care outside of Minnesota, call 800-424-2246 or click here to visit the Child Care Aware website.