Effective Educators: The Who, What and Why of Implicit Bias | April 3, 2021




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Effective Educators: The Who, What and Why of Implicit Bias

Engage in the fascinating topic of implicit bias. The human brain is routinely overloaded with information, as a result, our brains program themselves to find shortcuts in order to work more effectively. These shortcuts often have us making snap decisions about people and situations without gathering all the important or relevant information. That means that these shortcuts can be problematic! Learn about implicit bias and how it affects our work with young children in this online course.

KCF: VI: Professionalism


Saturday, April 3, 2021

  • 8:30am – 10:30am CST



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Hannah Riddle de Rojas

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Hi there! My name’s Hannah, I’m a bilingual educator and trainer. I’ve been working in early childhood education for 10 years. Currently I work at the Center for Early Education and Development at the University of Minnesota. I have a B.S. in Child Psychology, B.A. in Spanish Studies and a Masters degree in Adult English as a Second Language Education. I love teaching on the topic of culture. Before working in education I worked as a medical interpreter and realized firsthand how much culture affects our environments, interactions and development. 


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