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Ready to Roll: Plan, Prepare, and Practice for Emergencies in Child Care

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Course Length

4 hours

Delivery Method

Asynchronous eLearning


On-Demand eLearning

Course Summary

Learn how to create an emergency plan that prepares educators to effectively prevent, plan for, and/or respond to existing risks and emergent hazards that may negatively impact young children and their families. Different types of emergencies and disasters call for different responses- learn how to respond effectively, have confidence in your emergency protocols, and leave with a completed emergency plan. This proprietary Think Small Institute course is designed for early childhood education professionals in family or center-based programs as well as informal family, friend, and neighbor care providers.

CEU Credits

Not Eligible

CDA Competency Area

Content Area I: Planning a safe and healthy learning environment

MN KCF Content Area

VII.A: Establishing Healthy Practices


1 (Beginner)

State Approval



As a result of completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine what is necessary for a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan
  • Create emergency protocols for communication and special considerations
  • Implement an emergency preparedness plan including local and off-site readiness.